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Sleipner System is used worldwide in a wide range of applications, environments, fleets and climates. Primarily, Sleipner System is used in the mining, quarrying and contracting industries. Some Sleipner units are in use in dam, harbor, air field, highway and other earth moving projects. 

Increased Efficiency with Iron Ore in Australia

Sleipner Model E400

Australian weather conditions are very special and challenging due to constant high temperatures. Nevertheless, the Sleipner System is built to face challenges. This mine used traditional traveling methods within its large geographical operations area. As a result, the excavators’ relocation times were long and easily took the whole working day. With E400 Sleipner System, relocations today are operated within one hour – and the saved time is close to an entire shift.

The reduced traveling time means improved excavator efficiency and more productive working time. The increased production and cost savings resulted in a break-even period of a couple of months since the Sleipner investment.

Maintenance Cost Reductions and Fleet Optimization at Platinum Mine in South Africa

Sleipner Model DB120

Multiple open pits with a length of over 10 km bring challenges to any fleet management. In this case, in order to fit in the maintenance budget, the mine was planning to cut the dozer fleet from 13 to 9 units. After using Sleipner DB120 for only 6 months, the maintenance cost reduction of the 13-large dozer fleet was managed to set below the budgeted maintenance budget of 9 dozers.

“All the maintenance was able to be done at the workshop within a contaminant-free environment where all the tools and service equipment were available with the spare parts. The workshop environment allowed for unplanned maintenance jobs to be done at the same time as the planned maintenance, instead of booking a separate service time later.”

Safety is not always a calculable or quantifiable factor, but in a comparison between the operational procedures of a conventional lowbed-type trailer and Sleipner DB120, no doubt Sleipner will clearly win. Low center of gravity allows exceptional stability and no danger of falling off when loading on or off. No un-hitch or re-hitch of Sleipner DB120 are required to the ADT. Maneuverability of DB120 is exceptional and allows for the possibility to load at the actual operating place.

After all the tracked machines were relocated on wheels with Sleipner DB120, the road repair costs were reduced drastically. Previously the heavy tracked equipment was tramming on dust besides the roads, causing damage to the hauling roads.

Cost Reductions for a Finnish Nickel Mine

Sleipner Model E400

This is a customer case we are especially excited about. Arctic conditions and abrasive materials make the whole story very special. We were excited to witness the E400 Sleipner System’s incredible increase in undercarriage lifetime. After all, the increase was so significant that even after 19 000 operation hours, the tracks were still as good as new. Imagine that! In addition to that, the excavator maintenance is now done at the workshop instead of the pit. This improves safety and quality of the maintenance and also protects the engine and hydraulic lines from harmful dust.

Naturally, the Sleipner System stands for ecological values, since it minimizes the possibility of environmental accidents. A vital plus in the arctic environment is the fact that Sleipner System enables fast transportation even on snow and during icy conditions.

The service can now be done much faster than before Sleipner, and in one place. We have all the spares available and even unplanned maintenance can be easily done at the same time as the planned service. No unnecessary driving between the pit and workshop anymore.

Flexibility for Limestone Quarry in the UK

Sleipner Model E90

In this UK site, the production process meant constant mixing of material from different locations. Selective loading and accurate material separation became possible by the E90 Sleipner System. The result was rewarding: smaller loss percentage and significantly reduced place-change time.

"Originally, we were looking to purchase a wheel loader, but we were convinced to change to an excavator with Sleipner combination. This was a win-win situation to us as we were able to get the mobility of a wheel loader with the efficiency of an excavator, and lower life cycle costs."

The Sleipner System had an absolute positive impact on the productivity levels of the quarry, as well as making the excavator transporting smooth and fast. Also the refueling was now done at the site’s workshop, which reduced the possibility of oil spills.