12 month
Drill / dozer fleet productivity
Maintenance cost
up to
Drill fleet undercarriage
maintenance savings
labor hours
reduced by

The revolutionary Sleipner DB-series will improve your on-site mobility for tracked equipment. Sleipner DB-series will offer you fast loading, agile transporting, reliable braking and sufficient ground clearance. A totally new level of performance!

Fleet optimizing

Typically drills and dozers use up to 15% of their working hours travelling on tracks. Sleipner DB-series can save drills’ and bulldozers’ travelling time up to 85%. Instead of spending several hours travelling on tracks, the transportation can be done in less than an hour with Sleipner DB-series. This saved time can be used for productive work. Getting more effective working hours with the same fleet means increasing production. On the other hand, you're able to get the same amount of total effective working hours with a smaller fleet. That means smaller maintenance costs and equipment purchase budget. Either way, the Sleipner DB-series will improve the efficiency of your fleet and maximize the benefits.

Maintenance cost savings

20% less maintenance labor hours

With Sleipner DB-series utilization, the drills’ undercarriages last 2-3 times longer and the excessive undercarriage wear of bulldozers while traveling on tracks in 3rd gear is diminished. The drills and the bulldozers can be taken to the workshop for service and maintenance instead of repairs in the pit. Workshop maintenance is much faster. When all the tools and spares are available in a safe working environment, both unplanned maintenance work and planned maintenance are performed quickly.

Thanks to improved service times, the down time of the machines is reduced. After maintenance, the equipment is dropped to the next working location according to production needs. As a result, the Sleipner DB-series has a huge positive impact on the drills’ and bulldozers’ overall life cycle costs. It saves at least 20% of the maintenance labor hours.

Production planning

With Sleipner DB-series you get more flexibility to your daily production planning. Drills and dozers are relocated whenever needed, even in the middle of the shift. Even though the drill fleet mobility doesn’t set restrictions on the planning, the blasting sequences can be planned without compromises. Dozers can be relocated according to production needs. Areas with no need for fulltime dozer service availability are operated with shared resources.

Operation benefits

The Sleipner DB120 operates in regular on-site conditions; including upward slopes, descents and tight corners that have been previously unimaginable. Big wheels provide ground clearance enabling the Sleipner DB120 to be used in rough terrain. Using an articulated dump truck as a towing vehicle provides unparalleled agility. ADT powered hydraulics tilt the bed and a drill or a dozer can be driven on to the Sleipner DB120 in a few minutes. Uphill performance with a full load is 10% in regular on-site conditions. Downhill transport is safe up to 14%, thanks to the DB120's innovative brake system.


Tilting the DB120’s bed makes the loading and unloading processes safe and serves as a reliable brake mechanism. Brake force is automatically controlled, and no braking effort is required from the towing ADT. Brake surfaces at the tail of the DB120 bed are lowered to touch the road and the ADT actually has to pull on downhill. Pressure accumulators provide an emergency stop function. All functions of the control system are easily operated through an on-board display unit. The wheel gauge of the DB120 offers incomparable safety. There's no risk of overturning even if the wheels drop off the road. Rails and stairs ensure operators a safe passage to the cabin.

User words

”With the same maintenance budget, we can now serve a larger dozer fleet, thanks to the new mobility possibilities of the Sleipner DB120. All maintenance actions are done in the workshop. This has been saving 20% of labor hours and has improved maintenance safety. We can load and unload wherever needed, and we can even relocate the equipment to new dozing sites after the service. The use of Sleipner DB120 is safe and easy, as one man can handle the whole loading process.”

Key facts DB120

  • Loading time for dozers is less than two minutes
  • Turning radius is only 11 meters
  • 600 mm ground clearance
  • Maximum payload is 120 tonnes
  • Suitable for commonly used drills and dozers up to CAT D11T & Komatsu D475A and excavators up to 90 tonnes
  • Maximum towing speed on site conditions is 15 km/h with full load, and 30km/h without load
  • Fifth wheel attachment is available for all commonly used ADTs

Product range

Sleipner model
Max allowed payload
Towing vehicle

Any 40 tonnes plus ADT


What are suitable towing vehicles for DB120?

Articulated Dump Trucks from the +40 tonnes weight class are suitable for towing DB120. Most popular ADT models are Cat 745, Volvo A45 and Bell B50.

Can I use the DB120 for excavators?

Yes, excavators up to 90 tonnes class can be transported also on Sleipner DB120.

Can DB120 also carry other goods or equipment than tracked machines?

Why is ADT needed for DB120 towing?

The whole concept is designed to work with Articulated Dump Truck (ADT). ADT offers agility and good towing performance in all conditions where the trailer is planned to be used. Rigid trucks, like Cat 777 are too big to suit DB120 towing.

What are the DB load deck’s maximum dimensions?

Deck max width is 5200 mm and max length is 8750 mm. The load center of gravity must be in front of the trailer tandem axle pivot point.

What equipment can be transport in DB120?

Dozers up to D11T / D475. Surface drills like Sanviks Panteras. Blast hole drill suitability needs to be checked on case-by-case basis due to drills’ service platforms which can make the drills wider.

What is the maximum speed?

The maximum allowed speed is 15 kmph when Sleipner DB120 is loaded. If Sleipner DB120 is without load, the maximum allowed speed is 30 kmph.

Are there load lashing points?

Yes. The Sleipner DB120 deck has multiple lashing points for load binding. All lashing points are certified.

Can DB120 be used for rescuing broken machines to the workshop?

An optional integrated winch is available for DB120. The hydraulic winch is designed for towing broken dozers or drills onto the trailer (not suitable for rescuing bogged dozers).

Is the brake system fail safe?

Yes. Sleipner DB120’s patented drag brake systems are fail-safe. The DB120 is equipped with hydraulic accumulators which store hydraulic pressure for the emergency brake function.

Is Sleipner DB120 stable on inclined terrain?

The Sleipner DB120 wheels are located outside of the load and the centre of gravity is very low. No risk of overturning, not even in a situation where a wheel drops off from the bench.

Can the prime mover be disconnected from the trailer when the trailer is not in use?

A typical application trailer is used on daily basis for moving equipment. A trailer is mated permanently with a prime mover and there is no quick attachment available.

Is on-site assembly and commissioning needed?

Yes. The Sleipner DB120 is disassembled in the factory for shipping and transporting purposes. The assembly is done on-site with Sleipner representatives supervising the assembly. The target of the commissioning is to assure that all system components are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to its design objectives or specifications. The supplier’s or dealer’s commissioning specialists will be in charge of the commissioning. Assembly and commissioning takes typically 3-5 days.

Can the drag brake fade during operation?

No. The drag brake doesn’t experience the fade effect even during long downhills. Heat energy during braking is transferred to the ground, auxiliary cooling is not needed.

What modifications are needed to the prime mover?

The customer only needs to remove the truck bed and hoist cylinder. Other modifications are included in the on-site assembly and commissioning. New CAT and Volvo prime movers can be ordered without hoist cylinders and bed (bare chassis option).