25 years

Sleipner legend

The name Sleipner comes from Norse mythology, where the eight-legged horse called Sleipnir was the trusted steed of a Norse god called Odin. Sleipnir was said to be "the best horse amongst gods and men”, because it could carry twice the weight, at twice the speed of any other horse.

Sleipner is a modern-day version of that miraculous horse, with its eight wheels to carry heavy excavators and shovels.

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the best horse
amongst gods
and men

Product releases

  • E90
    1996 (Finland)
  • E120
    1996 (Finland)
  • E250
    2004 (Chile)
  • E70
    2004 (Sweden)
  • E190
    2007 (Brazil)
  • E400
    2009 (Dominican Republic)
  • E310
    2009 (Niger)
  • E50
    2010 (Israel)
  • E30
    2011 (Indonesia)
  • E550
    2013 (Niger)
  • DB120
    2013 (Saudi Arabia)
  • DB130
    2021 (Finland)

Our company

Sleipner Finland Ltd. is an innovative and customer-orientated company looking to revolutionize the way heavy tracked equipment is moved on sites, in rugged terrain and versatile conditions. The Sleipner trademark offers high-quality and efficient solutions to mobilize tracked equipment fleets in mining, quarrying and construction fields.

Sleipner Finland Ltd. was established in 2011. Its headquarters are located in Central Finland close to suppliers, subcontractors, and right next to Finnish and Swedish mining areas. We have a worldwide partner network helping customers find the best Sleipner solution for their fleets locally. Our customers in more than 50 countries, and on six continents have experienced the mobilization benefits of Sleipner products. Over the years, the Sleipner E-series has been developed to cover excavators and front shovels up to 550 tonne class, and Sleipner DB-series to cover the most common drills and biggest bulldozers on the market.

Our values

We perform the highest safety, quality and sustainability in all our operations. Delighted customers give meaning to our work and inspire more passion for the best results.

In all of our operations we respect our customers, our work, our standards, and we are always willing to renewal.

That’s why Sleipner is the best partner.


We know how to mobilize your equipment efficiency.

We are experts to optimize the operational performance of mining and quarry industries by removing a lot of non-value-added work. The benefits of Sleipner solutions provide more production time with lower equipment life cycle cost - and increase safety and lower environmental footprint.


We see ourselves as the best partner in mobilization.

Sharing innovativeness with our customers provides the most practical mobility solutions and services to the market. Our customers deserve the best possible solution on their continuous changing environment and success in their own business.

We offer continuous support to our customers daily work. Sleipner products’ fast and agile implementation ensures cost effectiveness and reliable co-operation for our customer’s benefit.