Sleipner is made for moving and carrying, yet its roots are strongly in its honorable history. In 1996 an excavator operator, Ossi Kortesalmi, came up with his own smart solution for an excavator transport system. The first prototype of Sleipner was born. It was built for a 90 tonne excavator, and it was meant to last. It is still in use. Since the first years, the Sleipner product family has grown to provide solution for excavators up to 565 tonnes and drills and bulldozers up to 120 tonnes. They are all ready to face mobilization challenges in the global mining, quarrying and earthmoving industries.

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Sleipner's Customer Testimonial 

This is what the CEO of the BAPY mine in Kazakhstan had to say after receiving their Sleipner E120 in September 2018:

"In 2018 our company put into operation the Sleipner E120 transport system purchased from “Finsad Group Almaty”. Sleipner E120 is designed to optimize the transportation of KOMATSU PC1250 and TEREX RH40 tracked hydraulic excavators. This system has met all our expectations, both from the side of increasing production indicators and the service life of the running gears of hydraulic excavators, as well as from the performance side of the Sleipner transport system itself."

Director "Bapy Mining"

V.D. Yugai

"в 2018 году у фирмы Finsad Group Almaty нами была приобретена и введена в эксплуатацию транстпортировочная система Слейпнер Е120, предназначенная для оптимизации транспортировки гусеничных гидравлических экскаваторов KOMATSU PC1250 и TEREX RH40. Данная система оправдала все наши ожидания как со стороны увеличения производстевенных показателей и срока службы ходовых частей гидравлических экскаваторов, так и со стороны эксплутационных качеств самой транспортировочной системы Слейпнер."

Директор "Bapy Mining" 

В.Д. Югай

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