Canada’s first Sleipner


Meadowbank mine site starts the Sleipner revolution at Canada

First Sleipner at Canada has been in use on Agnico Eagle Mines Limited at Meadowbank mine. The Sleipner E310 was commissioned already on August for RH120-E – CAT793 combination.

Sleipner representative at Canada, Mr. Randall Scott from Mining Solutions Inc, was wery pleased on the training and commitment of Agnico Eagle. “The training went really well and operators were very keen to learn how to use Sleipner and excited about what Sleipner can do for them and the company. It was great to see the cooperation between everyone who works at mine site, including contractors.”  confirms Mr. Scott.

During the 2,5 days field training the excavator was traveling over 70 km with Sleipner. "That distance is much more that a 300 tonnes excavator are normally able to do, while being ready to work at the end of every day", emphasize Mr. Scott.

Introduction of first Sleipner has increased interest on mine sites all over Canada and the next units are already on production. The next Sleipner E310 for Canada is for Detour Gold and the commissioning will be on the beginning of next year. This is a beginning of new transportation method on mine sites! 

See two Sleipner videos from the Meadowbank mine site from Mining Solutions facebookvideo 1 & video 2.