Within 12 months your Sleipner E-series will have paid for itself... and more. Every spin of a Sleipner wheel saves time and money to be spent elsewhere.

The system is straightforward in every way, and currently used in global mining and other settings where high mobility is a premium.


  1. Single piece frame1
  2. Parking brake system2
  3. Tires (double or single depending on the model)3
  4. Lifting rope4
  5. Custom made fitting for Excavator-specific pads5
  6. Wheel counter6


The patented E-series is comprised of roughly only 100 parts. This means minimal wear and tear, and quick, low-cost maintenance.

How does it work?

The Sleipner E-series enables moving hydraulic excavators safely and faster. The combination (Dump truck + excavator + Sleipner) does not require any additional equipment to your fleet but the Sleipner itself. The E-series will work together with the current dumpers available in your fleet.

In rugged terrain

Excavators can be used more flexibly in more contexts. The Sleipner system permits tight cornering and transit in rugged terrain. In the heaviest uphill conditions there is even the option of coupling 2 dumpers with our kinetic rope.

Easy to operate

The system is straightforward – it takes just 5 minutes to get an excavator on and off the E-series platform - and it has been approved for safety in the biggest mining countries. With no noise or vibrations, it is also not only easy-to-use, but comfortable for the operator.

The Sleipner system reduces both emissions and fuel costs, and the frame is designed to last for 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Model Operating Weight Recommended Truck Class Minimum Truck Class See It in action Brochure
E30 22-31 15-30 15 Download
E50 32-51 20-40 20 Download
E70 52-72 30-50 30 Download
E90 72-92 40-60 40 Download
E120 93-123 60-90 50 Download
E190 124-205 90-110 90 Download
E250 206-265 110-170 110 Download
E310 266-310 130-170 130 Download
E400 311-400 180-200 170 Download
E550 401-565 230-360 210-240 Download