Sleipner was founded in 1996 by an excavator operator, Ossi Kortesalmi, coming up with his own smart solution for a chrome mine in the Finnish Arctic.

From those humble beginnings, there are now customers in over 30 countries in four continents around the world who have experienced the quality, dependability and accessibility of Sleipner products.


The idea of Sleipner was developed in Elijärvi chrome mine locating in arctic circumstances in Finnish Lapland. The man behind Sleipner is Ossi Kortesalmi who worked years in the northern mines, was convinced about the principle and finally established Sleipner 1996.

During these years after that the range has been developed to cover excavators and front shovels up to 550 ton class.

The reliability of Sleipner system is proven in several applications: limestone quarries in Central Europe, mountains of the Andes as well as in the tropic of central Africa.

Sleipner Finland is located in Central Finland with modern manufacturing facilities and excellent connections to suppliers, subcontractors and sea ports - and next to Swedish and Finnish mining areas.